Adhook Joins the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program

June 11, 2024—Adhook, a Swiss-based social media management provider, has become a member of the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program.

The LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program is designed to help businesses find the right tools and solutions to optimize their marketing efforts on LinkedIn. Adhook’s inclusion in this program underscores its commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that empower brands to manage their digital presence.

"We are excited to join the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program," says Andreas Schürmann, Co-Founder at Adhook. "LinkedIn, the world’s primary platform for professional networking, was always an important integration in Adhook. We are happy to bring this collaboration to the next level to unlock more value for our clients managing their LinkedIn presence on Adhook.”

Benefits of Adhook’s Integration with LinkedIn

Adhook simplifies brand management through it's multi-purpose, multi-brand, and multi-platform capabilities:

  • Multi-Purpose: Adhook provides a comprehensive solution for campaign management, post-publishing, employee advocacy, and detailed reporting. The all-in-one platform allows businesses to efficiently manage their LinkedIn activities from planning to publishing, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. The AI assistant feature further boosts creativity by generating new content ideas and tailoring content specifically for LinkedIn.

  • Multi-Brand: Adhook excels in managing LinkedIn presence for multiple brands, making it ideal for organizations with diverse product divisions, departments, agency clients, or franchises. It offers features like review workflows, content templates, and audience templates, allowing each brand to maximize its LinkedIn marketing potential. This capability ensures that each brand’s activities are well-coordinated and effectively managed within a single platform.

  • Multi-Platform: Adhook allows users to plan and publish ad campaigns and posts across multiple social media platforms while ensuring seamless integration with LinkedIn. This multi-platform support enables easy content reuse from other platforms, fostering consistency and efficiency in social media marketing efforts. By acting as a coordination tool between headquarters, brand staff, and various platforms, Adhook ensures that LinkedIn marketing activities are well-aligned with broader social media strategies.
"Adhook’s mission is to simplify brand management on social media, enabling marketers to become more efficient and effective by giving them tools and insights to make a greater impact and grow their business," commented Andreas Schürmann. "As a new LinkedIn Marketing Partner, we are excited about the opportunities advancing our product further."


Andreas Schürmann,

About Adhook

Adhook helps brands manage their social media presence from planning to publishing and analysis. The all-in-one software solution offers single- and multi-brand companies the opportunity to manage their activities more efficiently and effectively. With Adhook, posts & ads can be planned, published, analyzed, moderated, and coordinated across teams.

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