Review & approve content

Review workflows allow content to be reviewed and approved by one or more people before publication. They are used to ensure quality and compliance as well as to minimize potential risks. Review Workflows are available for the following content in adhook:

  • Posts
  • Campaigns
  • Responses to social media messages
  • Post Generations
  • Campaign Generations

Flexible Review Workflow Configuration

Individual review workflow configurations can be stored for each brand, department, office or agency customer. For example, the review workflow for a post for department A can be defined differently than for a post for department B. The following options are available for configuring a review workflow:

  • Give approval as soon as one of the defined candidates has given approval.
  • Give approval as soon as all defined candidates have given approval
  • Multi-level sequential approval

Management of users & permissions

User and permission management in Adhook allows administrators to control and manage access rights for users within the platform by assigning them specific roles and permissions. For example, users can be authorized only to specific brands, departments, offices, or agency clients.

Prepare & deliver content efficiently

Provide your subsidiaries, branches or partners with templates for posts, target groups or promotional materials, which they can use & individualize in their channels. Learn more on the following pages:

adhook for insurances
adhook for franchise companies

Generating Posts & Campaigns

Posts and campaigns can be created automatically by the head office for the social media profiles of the branch offices. The business office will be more or less involved in content creation as desired. Use cases:

  • Central management of the social media content of the branch offices.
  • Regular post & campaign content published by head office on branch channels.
  • Posts and campaigns are created by the head office as proposals and released by the branches

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