1. general provisions

Adhook GmbH, Horw, operates the platform adhook.io (in the following adhook). These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) regulate the relationship between Adhook GmbH and the user (hereinafter referred to as customer) of adhook. Decisive for the content and scope of the rights and obligations of the parties is the wording of the respective regulations on adhook in connection with these GTC. Deviating conditions and/or individual agreements require the written form.

2. Conclusion of contract

The platform is aimed at organizations that want to manage digital activities for brands more efficiently. Individuals can only use the platform as employees of the respective organization. Accordingly, adhook cannot be used by a private person.

2.1 Customer account

Before a first campaign can be created or imported, a customer account is created. By opening the customer account, the customer accepts these terms and conditions as binding. The data required for registration must be truthful and complete. Adhook GmbH reserves the right to verify the data.

2.2 Activating the campaign

As soon as a campaign created in adhook.io is activated, it is activated in the defined channels of the customer.

3. Duties of the customer

3.1 Contents

The customer undertakes not to to make entries which he is not authorised to make. He is responsible for the content of the entries and undertakes to comply with the relevant legal requirements and to comply with regulations, morality and industry rules. In particular he shall for the fact that with transmitted or stored contents no rights of third parties are get hurt. In case of violations, the customer holds Adhook GmbH and its organs and auxiliary persons in the event of claims by third parties without any damage or legal action. In case of a Request for counterstatement (Art. 28g ff. Swiss Civil Code, ZGB) against entries Adhook GmbH informs the customer about the receipt of the Desire. Adhook GmbH is free to make use of the right of reply decide.

3.2 Password

The customer undertakes to keep his password secret in order to prevent misuse of his account by unauthorized third parties responsible. He shall also be liable if forbidden content is transmitted or stored via his customer account with or without his knowledge by third parties, provided that he has violated his obligation to carefully store the access data and to protect it from unauthorized access by third parties. If there is reason to fear that unauthorised third parties have knowledge of the legitimation features the password must be changed immediately.

3.3 Cancellation

The cancellation of a running campaign by the customer is done via the adhook.io platform by stopping or removing the campaign.

4. Zahlungskonditionen und Tarife

4.1 Tariffs

adhook.io is available to the customer under the conditions of the selected price plan. The tariffs are exclusive of VAT.

5. termination of the use of adhook

5.1 Termination

The customer can change an active price plan at any time to the end of the current term of the price plan.

5.2 Deletion of the customer account

Adhook GmbH has the right to delete an existing customer account if it has not been used for more than 18 months or if there is reasonable doubt about the accuracy of the information. The customer can delete his customer account including all accrued data via e-mail to hi@adhook.io.

6. warranty and liability

6.1 Complaints

Complaints due to faulty appearance or non-appearance of campaigns are to be made within 10 days after publication or agreed publication Adhook GmbH by e-mail to hi@adhook.io. All claims, in particular the compensation of direct or indirect damages due to faulty appearance or non-appearance are excluded.

6.2 Operation

As far as this is in the area of responsibility of adhook, adhook strives to maintain the operation of the IT systems (servers etc.), through which the data is published and the campaigns are processed to keep them stable. Should these nevertheless malfunctions, adhook will endeavour to repair such as soon as possible. fix it. Should the customer, in spite of these efforts, be affected by malfunctions or direct or indirect damage for similar reasons, any liability of Adhook GmbH excluded..

6.3 Data location

The customer acknowledges that by using adhook from abroad he/she may under certain circumstances violate the rules of foreign law. It is up to the customer to inform himself about this. Adhook GmbH rejects any liability in this respect. The customer acknowledges in particular that there could be import and export restrictions for the encryption algorithms, against which he may violate.

7. final provisions

Subject to any other mandatory provisions, Swiss law applies to the relationship between Adhook GmbH and the customers regarding adhook. The Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods is explicitly excluded. For possible disputes between Adhook GmbH and its customers regarding adhook, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is the city of Lucerne, Canton Lucerne, Switzerland. Should any provision of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, the remaining provisions remain unaffected. In this case, the parties to the contract are obligated to agree upon a regulation that economically comes closest to the intended purpose. Adhook GmbH reserves reserves the right to make changes to these general terms and conditions for entries and Highlighting.

CH-Horw, July 1, 2021

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