Let branches compose local campaigns

Let your branches create campaigns on their own using the building blocks you provide, such as target audiences or ads.


  • Advertise defined templates in the agency's catchment area via Corporate Social Media Account (e.g. via zip code lists)
  • Push of organic social media content from the agency Facebook page in the agency's catchment area
  • Individual Google search ads to increase regional visibility for relevant search queries

Use of target audience templates

Maintain your Google & Social Media target audiences centrally and independent of individual branches. When a branch selects a template, the target region is automatically used by the catchment area of the branch (e.g. via zip code lists). This enables you to use templates for all your branches in a regionally scaled manner.

Easy provision of advertising material

With ad templates, you can provide your branches with advertising material that they can individualize according to your wishes and use in campaigns.

Check and approve campaigns centrally

A campaign submitted by the store is checked, approved or returned to the store with feedback by the central marketing team. The process for reviewing the ads can be customized to meet the needs of your company.

Receive notifications of results and improvements

adhook regularly compiles important results of your ads and sends them as messages to your e-mail inbox. In addition, you will receive suggestions for improvement based on your data, which you can execute directly in the campaign chat.


  • Check results from the previous day, the last three days or the last seven days
  • Comparison of ads with very different performance
  • Check triggered Google Ads search queries
  • Check and add new Google Ads keyword suggestions

Automatic campaign optimizations

With adhook's automatic rules you can create flexible and powerful optimization rules with simple IF/THEN logic. You can define the rules with multiple conditions and metrics such as click rate, cost-per-click or cost-per-conversion. You will be notified about every optimization performed.


  • Pause ads with below average click-through rates
  • Pause ads with above average click prices
  • Pause under average performing Google Ads keywords
  • Pause ad groups with below average cost per conversion

Individual Campaign Reporting

How well does your Google Ads campaign compare to the Facebook Ads campaign?

Use adhook to create comprehensive and individual reports for your campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads and X Ads - across all your branches.

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White Label Marketingportal

Use the white label possibilities of adhook to provide your agencies with an individual marketingportal in your corporate design.

Increase reach on social media thanks to corporate influencers

Have company news, press releases and posts shared by your employees in addition to your official social media channels. With adhook, employees can connect their personal social media accounts and share your content with one click. Supported platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • X
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