Unified Community Management

With adhook, comments, mentions, direct messages and reviews out of your social media channels are continuously collected in a central inbox. You will be informed as soon as a new message has been created. In the inbox, you can view, organize and respond to social messages from the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • X
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Google Business Profile

Assign messages to the right place

New messages can be assigned directly to the responsible person. This way, community management tasks can be outsourced directly to the relevant departments, offices or retailers. They see the assigned messages in their inbox and can react to them accordingly.

Answer messages efficiently

Use response templates to efficiently answer common questions from your community. Answer templates can be multilingual and can contain the following placeholders.

  • User name
  • Admin name
  • Admin initials
  • Brand Name

Automatically react to messages

Automatically respond to messages that contain one of the selected blacklist words. Blacklists can be stored across accounts or individually per brand.

On the one hand, you can notify involved persons about new comments, mentions or ratings. You can also hide comments directly (Facebook, Instagram & X) or have them deleted (LinkedIn & YouTube).

Measure community sentiment

Capture the mood of your community by selecting an intention for incoming messages via emojis. You can visualize the development of your community's mood in the adhook reporting.

Review & Publish Message Replies

A reply to a message can be reviewed by a member of your social media team via an individual approval workflow before the reply is published in the social media channel. The permissions for viewing, replying and approving messages are based on the permission system in adhook and can be flexibly configured according to your company's needs.

Manage content on the go

With the adhook mobile app, you always have your social media management under control, even when you're away from the office. For example, capture a special moment as a post draft with your mobile phone camera or moderate incoming messages on the go. Possibilities in the app:

  • Create posts for pages & personal profiles
  • Use Post Templates
  • Promote posts
  • Analyze post statistics
  • Moderate comments, mentions, direct messages & ratings
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