Our story

The variety of digital channels has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Quite naturally we move within seconds between social media platforms, search engines & websites. Conversely, this means an enormous effort for companies to coordinate their digital marketing activities in order to reach potential customers. marketing activities to reach potential customers.
We are convinced that the challenge of managing platforms, content, logins, internal processes and policies efficiently through the use of software. The automation of Google & social media activities have inspired us since the beginning and and still drive us today.
We launched adhook in 2016 as a cross-channel advertising software. In addition to the management of campaigns across channels, we developed ways to support the collaboration within the company. In this context, we were particularly helped by the cooperation with decentralized companies. companies in particular helped us to use adhook as a coordination point between the head office and external and external offices such as branches or specialist departments. Today we are happy to use these to be able to offer these options for organic posts as well as advertising.

The founders

Andreas Schürmann

Andreas is co-founder of adhook. The design of efficient processes in digital marketing by means of suitable software solutions has inspired him since his education at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He is responsible for the professional and technical product development of adhook and leads corresponding customer projects. The personal collaboration with customers is very important to him, be it in the integration of adhook into the existing organization or in the joint implementation of new possibilities around the management of Google & Social Media marketing activities.

Patrick Roos

Patrick is the co-founder of adhook. Inspired by digital business models and the great potential for automating marketing processes, he implemented the technical basis of adhook together with Andreas. He works as strategic sparring partner, software architect as well as software engineer. With his technology enthusiasm in combination with new business ideas, Patrick always launches new new projects for the continuous development of adhook, be it technical or functional.

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